Monday, July 11, 2016

What should be the Features of your Twitter Unfollow App?

As online marketing relationship is maintained by following and following back so it is very important to keep a record who is following and not following. If you are a marketer then you also need to check who are those followers who are responding to your update and who are not. Because the primary rule of Twitter or any of the social site is to keep your business page active by engaging the followers in the best way. If the followers are not helping your page to boost up then just go with Twitter unfollow app to unfollow followers in bulk.

twitter unfollower app

It is advised to all marketers to go for Twitter unfollower software because it is just waste of time to keep all those unresponsive in your account. If you have a number of followers still your updates are not getting any engagement then it will just make your page dull. It even makes easy for you to focus on active followers as they have a chance to turn into a loyal customer in near future. 

While choosing your Twitter unfollow app you need to check what the advanced features the app is having. Though there is variety of unfollow app are available in market but the most required features it should have are as follows:

•    Unfollow only those followers who are not following you back. As the online relationship is all about given and take so, if someone is not following your profile then you also don’t need to follow that user.

•    Unfollow the inactive users who never give any engagement to your posts. Generally, followers are the agents who help in getting traffic for your web page by engaging in activities like share, tweet or retweet, tag and so on.

•    The software should also unfollow those followers whose profile looks like a spammer. Many times your competitors follow you by hiding their identity just to spy on your strategy. 

•    It should able to filter those followers who are not understanding your language. Keeping this kind of followers won’t help you as they will not understand your updates and that’s why they will not respond, so better is to remove them.

•    Your Twitter unfollower app should also be capable of unfollowing those followers who are over talkative and giving negative feedback about your product. There are many followers who just start influencing your followers not to go with your product. They also do this in a group to defame your business so, it is better to unfollow them.

As the marketer is growing so fast, so a marketer should stay aware how to make their account more attractive and professional. By unfollowing the unwanted followers you can earn more and more responsive followers.

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